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YOO-POINT To become a trusted、respected and has continued science and technology innovation ability International enterprise in 100 years
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      Yoo-Point Group, a multiplex company which is specialized in resin production, developing the upstream & downriver chemical products, commerce, bio-technology as well. The group has a history of 17 years up until now since it was first established in 1988. Mr. Wu Zhengyou, the incumbent board chairman, is the founder of Yoo-Point. The headquarter of the group is located in Xinhua Road, Shanghai. So far the group owned three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shanghai Yoo-Point chemicals Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Yoo-Point Resin manufacturing Co.,Ltd.; Shanghai Yoo-Point chemicals manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Besides Shanghai Yoo-Point Bio-technology Co.,Ltd. is under way.

 Shanghai Yoo-Point Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in import & export of chemical raw materials, who is the leading company of Petrochemical industry; Fine chemicals industry. The company is located in Xinhua Road, Shanghai, doing business in the above fields with dozens of years, a stable market supporting from DOW, Dupont, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Four Season, Nippon Steel, Asahi Kasei, Mitsui Chemicals, Aekyung Chemicals, Bayer, BASF etc. The product field includes organic and inorganic chemicals, fine chemicals.

 Shanghai Yoo-Point Resin Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is specialized in development, production and the selling of synthetic resin used in top-grade coating and ink. The company is located in No. 6555 Beiqing Road, Chonggu town, Qingpu district, covering an area of 5 hectares. Who owns the advanced analysis instrument, professional R&D base, a professional team with talents. Yearly capacity is 60000Mt, include alkyd resin, saturated polyester resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane hardener, UV curable resin,the varnish for paper and so on, 30 sales offices distributed in the whole country.

 Shanghai Yoo-Point Chemicals Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in developing, producing and the selling the upstream & downriver products of epoxy resin, epoxy vinyl ester resin, amino resin, unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, UV resin and epoxy adhesive. The company is located between the two large international harbors, covering an area of 20 hectares with convenient traffic and hi-tech factory. 

 Shanghai Yoo-Point Biotech Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in developing, producing and the selling of steroid, medicine intermediate and health care medicine. The company is located in Qingpu Industrial Zone, covering an area of 12 hectares. And the workshops are under construction according to GMP (the Quality control system).

 Going with WTO processing, the Yoo-Point staffs aims to be professional and mighty in the chemical industry. With unique new technique and new management method, we develop the upstream & downriver chemical products of resin. Moreover, we also develop the field of biologic medicine, providing the society with better products and service in order to repay the society.